About Us

Welcome to the International Yoga Foundation & CLub!

International Yoga Foundation and Club is formed by a Group of Yoga Professionals in India and the Middle East with HeadQuarters in India and activities in both, India and the Middle East. The whole idea of it is the Propagation and Promotion of Yoga as proposed by Adi Yogi ( first Yogi- the Yogeswar ), Saint Patanjali and their lineage.

The very meaning of Yoga is that which unites us with the entire cosmos. Yoga is more than just a set of techniques to be practised for particular physical and mental benefits. It is an inner engineering techniques through which our body, mind, and intellect is harmoniously tuned with nature through physical postures( asanas), breathing techniques( Pranayam) and meditation.

International Yoga Foundation and Club want to introduce Yoga as a complete way of life and a Self directed Biological Transformation Initiative (SBTI ).