Studio Classes

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Ideal for weight loss , Ageless body , Shaped body

Flexy Yoga

Yoga at its finest moments .Ideal for joints and fascia to release – All about Vinyasa

Dynamic Yoga

Hatha Yoga – faster paced Yoga with emphasis on breath and movements . Better muscular strength , endurance ,flexibility

Yoga for Pregnancy period

Body – mind and well being .

Serene Yoga

A peaceful morning and evening yoga practice with focus on Pranayama , Meditation and gentle yogic asana techniques .

Basic Ashtanga Yoga , Neck Yoga , Nethra( Eyes ) Yoga

Creeda Yoga

for Children

Santhi Yoga

Yoga for better Sleep

Special sessions based on Yoga Therapy

Yoga for Obesity ,Yoga for Diabetes Mellitus ,Yoga for Spondylosis and Spondylitis

Yoga for Better Sleep ,Yoga for Special Children