About Yogacharya Soumya Ji

Yogacharya Sowmya : A Life Dedicated to Yoga and Healing

From the hallowed city of Calicut where the holy Kallai River coming down from the Western Ghats, washes the banks as an act of cultural ablution, a Girl learnt yoga; actually she sought truth in the ancient Indian art of healing. Over the years it remained not just learning, but a process of merging into the world of yoga. Still young, the yogini earned recognition, and those afflicted and suffering, came from all over the world to seek her cure for their maladies.

Today that girl from the ghats of Calicut has an institution and is revered by thousands as the Yogacharya for those who have seen her closely she is Soumya ji, and to the outside word – Yogacharya Sowmya. Some of the important people in Riyadh and India are among Yogacharya Sowmya ji’s followers. She appears on many Seminars as a part of a spiritual quest and also a therapy, curing people of their strange maladies. Where Yogacharya Sowmya ji is different from some other highly visible yoga gurus is her humility. Steeped in the atmik tradition of the Land of the Greatest Yogi of India, Sankaracharya she wears modesty both as her crown and armour.

Today Yogacharya Sowmya ji is one of the most sought-after Yoga Acharyas and healers offering answers to the Health and Well Being in a Yogic Perspective. She has been spearheading the yoga and spiritual movement for the Children, Ladies and youths . She is one of the yoga guru who has studied the subject as a discipline and obtained a Master’s Degree. In a career spanning about 10 years, she has conducted many workshops and Seminar and delivered lectures and Trained more than 5000 people for International Yoga Day Celebrations from 2015,2016, 2017 and 2018.

Yogacharya Sowmya ji is the Co-Founder of the International Yoga Foundation and currently, she is heading the academic activities of International Yoga Foundation as its Vice Chairman, India. She is also instrumental in starting the International Yoga Club in and now Yogacharya Sowmya ji is the President of International Yoga Club, a Club dedicated for the Promotion and Propagation of Yoga as per the Yoga Sutras of Sage Patanjali. Yogacharya Sowmya ji describes Yoga, as a Self-directed biological transformation initiative, a programme of therapy–based yoga, pranayama and Meditation. She has taught yoga and spirituality to executives of corporates, scientists, business magnets, corporate honchos, public figures, doctors, journalists and other professionals.

Yogacharya Sowmya ji has taken an important initiative for the education of girls and their empowerment, healthcare and helping underprivileged girls get married. Her unique initiative, for differently abled and special children, is aimed at bringing the yoga teachers under one banner, for Special Children and the International Yoga Foundation Trust is dedicated to social causes. She has organized yoga and health camps at orphanages, old–age homes and blind schools. In addition to her yoga camps, Sowmya ji treats the helpless and poor people through Indian Embassy as a Volunteer. Se has imparted yoga training to hundreds of volunteers from different areas and Social Organizations.

Yogacharya Sowmya ji is well versed in Sanskrit, she has translated the 6th Chapter of Bhagavad Gita called abhyasa Yoga ( Yoga Practice) in simple Malayalam. She is a prolific writer in the field of Yoga and Indian Culture. Her new book on Yoga “ The Voyage to the Unknown “ is an authentic document on Ashtanga Yoga and Yogic experiences.

Yogacharya Sowmya ji stands out because of her pioneering initiative in presenting yoga, Wellbeing and spirituality in an easy, ready–to–use format, suitable for this age and time. Her yoga workshops at different corporate houses have generated a new awareness and interest in those circles about the healing power of yoga. Yogacharya Sowmya ji also organizes various yoga workshops at schools, colleges and universities to teach students how to cope with day–to–day stress-related problems.

She was hailed as a prodigy in yoga practice since a young age. She was bestowed many Yog awards and certificates for her outstanding contributions in the field of Yoga and social service. She was instrumental in presenting Yoga in the famous Janadriyah Festival in 2018, Riyadh were India was the Guest Country and her student demonstrated Yoga to the Public for 21 days continuously including 108 Surya Namaskar ( Sun Salutations ), the first kind of official Yoga Event in Saudi Arabia and which was overwhelmingly appreciated by Hon. Sushama Swaraj ji, Gen V K Singh ji ( Hon . External Affairs Ministers ), Shri. Vinay Sahasrabuddheji ( President, ICCR),many Ambassadors and in General and Indian Embassy in Particular.

Yogacharya Sowmya ji took formal training YIC in yoga at the S VYASA University, Bangalore. She was introduced to the magical world of Yoga by Guruji Sarat Kumar of Bihar School of Yoga , Acharya Kunjiraman of Patanjali Yoga Centre , Calicut , Acharya Premkumarji of Arya Samaj , H. H . Swamy Chidananda puri Maharaj , Advaitha Ashram, Kolathur ,Sadu Rengarajan of Bharath Matha mandir, Bangalore ,and under the Guidance and Mentoring of Poojaneeya Guruji Padmavibhooshan Dr.H R .Nagendraji.

Here is a brief account of her educational background

• Diploma in Yoga, YIC

• B.Com , M.Com , B.Ed ( Calicut University )

• M.Sc ( Yoga Therapy)

• Diploma in Vedic Rituals and Agnihothra .

Because of her excellence in yoga, the Embassy of India, Riyadh invited Yogacharya Sowmya ji as a distinguished Speaker on Yoga and Wellness for the prestigious Pravasi Bharatiya Divas function and Team member of International Yoga Day Mass Yoga Demonstration under Embassy of India. She taught Practical Yoga, the Gita and Yogasutra at the same. Since 2015, She has been associated with Samanwaya and Indo Saudi Cultural Organization, Riyadh and other social organizations in Saudi Arabia, for spearheading a yoga and Cultural movement.

She has travelled extensively to showcase India’s Soft skill Yoga as a Soft Power and culture. Her disciples are also spreading the message of yoga through their teachings.

Soum Yoga Kriya – An eternal Panacea to the Humanity

She developed Soum Yog Kriya, a 30-minute yogic practice to harness body, mind and spirit, enhance metabolism, faster blood flow and balance emotions and stress levels to create a stress-free life. Soum Yoga Kriya is a modern and effective system of Yoga which is a self-directed biological transformation initiative as advocated by Yogacharya Sowmya ji and strictly compliant with Yoga Science, Yoga Sutras and Ashtanga Yoga. This Yog Kriya was designed by Yogacharya Sowmya ji after her profound Yogic Practice of 7 years of Yogic experience. It will balance the three doshas of body and Yogic kriyas like Dhauti, Neti, Kal bhathi, Nauli, Basthi and Thrataka and few bandhas with Yoga Mudras. It is an eternal panacea of all human issues and problems and ensure a practical yogic life throughout one’s life. This is Yogacharya’s magnum opus to the Yoga Community.